Inspiring Young Ecosystems

Because - the Force is strong with these ones!


These Quill series are very close to our hearts. Blue Quill was the impetus that started this whole creative venture. This was immediately followed by inspiration for the Pink and Purple Quills to explore the art of storytelling in other formats and perspectives.

From creative writing in the Blue Quill; the Pink Quill dives deeper into the heart of the author to ignite and express thoughts and words passionately. Purple Quill looks at writing, storytelling and passionate expression through theatre, with the added challenge of a group project that fosters creative collaboration.

And with that, the Quill series was born.

Blue Quill – Creative Story Telling

Stories do not begin on the pages of a book, they start in the minds of the author. In writing compelling stories, one has to truly explore all the faculties of the mind; so that we are fully aware of how we receive and process information from the world. Simply put, it is through our senses, keen observation, presence in the moment, awareness of thoughts, emotions and social interactions; that gives us a visceral and colourful experience of life.

The best stories are the ones that take us on a palpable somatic journey through the pages of a book. For this, the author need not have the vocabulary, spelling and grammatical precision of a linguistic ninja; No she simply needs an open mind, a keen sense of curiosity and attention to the precious details of life.

Story telling is a simple, yet powerful tool in the creative development of a young mind. Broken into several levels, these series experiential learning workshops use various activities and tools to expand a child’s vast reservoir of inspiration by exploring the senses, gestures, dialogue, character and plot development and studying the body.

Suitable for ages 10 and above.

Blue Quill Course Outline

Levels 1-3: Creative Storytelling Day *Camp 3 Days
Level 4: Dialogue Writing Workshop
Level 5: Stylistic/Voice Discovery Workshop
Level 6: Trying different Genres Workshop
Level 7: Book Project Day *Camp 3 Days

*All camps are Non-boarding Day Camps.

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Pink Quill – Memoirs of the Heart

Exploring with courage and intimacy our most passionate thoughts, ideas and notions. Through journaling, poetry, haikus, spoken words and a non-persuasive approach to persuasive writing. After all, the best advocates for change did not preach their way into a revolution, they tugged at the heartstrings of the collective passion.

The best speeches and speakers have made an impact because of the way they make us feel. We are moved by passion and emotions. It is not always easy to pour our hearts onto the pages of a notebook and even harder to stand up and express it to the world.

In the Pink Quill participants will be challenged to dig deep to find passion and fuel it with words that bring a message or statement to life in an artistic piece such as a poem, spoken words; or for the musically inclined - a song. Participants are encouraged to explore creative play with words.

The greatest challenge yet comes in performing this in a public setting and touching many more hearts. Not only will participants be empowered to perform, but also to appreciate the capacity for words to inspire and motivate others – a powerful form of persuasion. Persuasive writing is not just about creating a good argument for or against a topic, but to sway the heart - then the mind.

Suitable for ages 12 and above.

Pink Quill runs as an intensive 4-5 day Holiday Camp (Non-boarding Camp).

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Purple Quill – The Drama Quill

Speaking to the drama queens and kings in us all. It’s one thing to watch a movie/play and get caught up with the allure of acting. It is however a whole other thing to write, produce, act and stage a play!

The Purple Quill is a fun and adventurous exploration of creative collaboration and project completion. This is a leadership in the arts program where participants can explore the power of storytelling to impact change in the community.

It is an intensive, immersive theatre camp that encompasses playwriting, acting and everything involved in producing a play.

Participants learn the basics of theatre; co-write scripts together; put a cast and crew together to enact the play; design the set and costumes; and print and sell the tickets.

By the end of the whole experience, they should be aware of how much one can impact the community through the arts. We also encourage them to give the proceeds of the show to a charitable cause, further instilling the values of compassion and generosity.

It is an immersive theatre boot camp.

It is a creative collaboration boot camp.

It is a leadership through the arts program - teaching participants empowerment, inspiration, dedication, discipline, integrity authenticity, generosity, compassion and the importance of building good collaborative relationships.

Ambitious perhaps
A bit much definitely
Can it be done certainly

It isn't however for the faint of heart.

Suitable for ages 14 and above.

Purple Quill runs as an intensive 7 Day Holiday Camp (Non-boarding Camp)

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Yoga Enrichment Class

There's a wealth of scientific data and information on the benefits of mindfulness practice and yoga in children. Using the science of breathing, movement and energy - yoga has a profound impact on a child's neurological, physical (sensory & motor), cognitive and social development, and well-being.

The practice of yoga has shown improvements in a child's ability to focus, process information, and learning capacity.

These classes combine yoga poses , breathing techniques, philosophy (morals & values), relaxation techniques, visualisation and creative facial, cranial and vocal exercises to enrich a child’s developmental process.

In short:

  •     Synchronising and balancing the body, senses and environmental input.
  •     Refining perception, processing and responses.
  •     Practicing calm and assertiveness from within.
  •     Enriching neuro, and sensory motor learning processes.

Suitable for ages 4 and above.