Museum Gallery

Here are selected stories from 2016 by our young Blue Quill authors.



Angel is a story that goes beyond a simple struggle of good over evil. At the age of 15, Allyson is introducing us to the human struggles of making hard decisions especially during the blurred lines we sometimes face.



Darren, 12, writes about the perfect murder in the most unusual setting. A setting inspired during a creative challenge activity. You will have to read to find out if the murder was indeed untraceable.



Kai Jie, 12, tells us the unfortunate events that take place in a café, though not all was lost.



Nicole Abraham, 9, was our youngest workshop participant at the time. Yet, she proved her creative chops and pulled her weight in all her writing for a very engaging story of rather curious creatures.



Preethika, 8, came to us for a private and focused session. Most children have a natural tendency to tell stories. Sometimes all we need is to support them in bringing this to life or recording it. Given her age, and just a 2 hour private session, we sat down to conceptualise the story in a book format and helped scribe her ideas in writing.