Ann M. Jacks

Editor, Content and Feature Writer

Growing up working in a family business in the service industry, I learnt to appreciate human interaction, and communication at a very early age. Over the years of meeting strangers who later became close friends, I treasured relationships, especially those that are built in an instant and last a lifetime. It all begins with the first hello. Strangely, it isn’t the words per say that spark a great conversation, but our ability to listen, empathise and relate with an open mind. Communication is the glue that binds all human relationships. From point of origin to the person reading or listening, communication builds bridges and brings communities together.

I studied Journalism at the University of Nebraska -Lincoln, USA. Upon my return to Malaysia, I started as a content writer in advertising and later became a feature writer, and finally an Editor at BE Magazine and MIIP Magazine. As a feature writer, I had wonderful experiences doing personal interviews and content research. I realised it wasn’t about putting content in chronological order, but about telling a story; it wasn’t about correctly transcribing the interview, it was about bringing the “featured” to life.

As I reflect on my journey in this industry, the practise of putting people first, and then words - has never failed as a recipe for good print. Not only does it bring people together but helps build thriving relationships.

My work, study and life interests reach far beyond curating words on a page. With three beautiful children, my role as a mother fuelled a passion for early childhood development and culminated in a series of certificates in this area. As it turns out, I did not stray far from my alma matter, in fact it has helped me appreciate communication at a deeper level – in parenting, education and crisis management.

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