Audrey Wiles

Author, Writer, Editor

Communication is an essential human trait and tool that helps us rise above other species and in a way, it ensures our supremecy over the rest. Effective and flawless communication is therefore crucial in the process of information transfer and that is where I come in. Be it writing up a succinct piece or touching up an existing write-up, I believe I have a keen enough eye to iron out the kinks as well as add a touch of flair to the pièce de résistance

Additionally, I have always maintained that grammar remains the cornerstone of any written piece and if the foundation is solid, the message will be too. My years of feature writing for a local paper, freelance copywriting for a KK-based advertising company and Bachelor in Education (TESL) from University of Exerter, UK has given me the right exposure to handle all, if not most tasks.

Recently, I have self-published Horizon of Hope, a work of poetry and prose in aid of Rotary Club of Likas Bay’s Cleft Lip Fund. In the process of compiling this book, I have found great joy in helping others finetune their writing to the point where both writer and editor are satisfied and truly happy to see their words come to life in print. Currently, I am working on a personal No Fail Recipe Book and another anthology of poems to compile both Sabah’s visual beauty with matching alluring poetry. It is indeed a joy to see how words take on a dimension of their own and like the wispy morning mist, spiral to life upwards, towards the grand horizon. We each have the power to write the ending of our chapters in the book of life, so make each word count.

Audrey’s Ecosystem: A Zen Wordsmith

Carefully crafting thoughts into exquisite wordscapes, with the precision of pen to grammar-anvil.