Luvy Mirshel Sallam

Interior Decorator, Writer, Editor

I was born and raised in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and later continued my education in the UK. Upon my return, I worked as an early childhood educator, and subsequently decided to become a full-time mother. I am very grateful and blessedto hold this position, as I have a spouse who wholeheartedly supports me in our facilitative parenting approach to help mould a kind and responsible adult. I get the best seat in the house, watching my offspring grow into her own.

Having my daughter further intensified my fascination with people, especially in their uniqueness and quirks. When one becomes a parent, it forces them to grow and realize things once taken for granted. I also discovered, that allmy childhood experiences, good and bad, are the very tools I now use to teach understanding and empathy in all the life situations she finds herself in. Mastering the art of explaining the complexities of life to a child has invaluably sharpened my communication tools.

My inspiration in writing and designing come from my surrounding environment. I am drawn to antiques the same way I am to writing – for the stories they tell. Both are similar in needing a sound structure followed by an aesthetic finish for the craft we come to admire.

This keen eye was passed on to me by the women in my family. Specifically, my mother, aunts and grandmother. We love being surrounded by beautiful gardens, music, artistry, architecture and words. We have a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail. When she couldn't sleep, my mother would sometimes wake me up at night just to move a couch or ask opinions of which direction a table should face. This awareness for detail in people, places and objects has lead me to a business of furniture and antiques where it served me well in curating works of art. Now my daughter is my design partner, following me to antique shops, villages, markets and warehouses, offering well thought opinions ranging from texture and colour, to size and function.

My foray in writing was also founded in the quest for beauty. From educational material to content writing and an appreciation for good storytelling; I love sitting with a good cuppa, pouring over pages – glimpsing through the author’s mind or crafting words that convey thoughts, ideas and emotions for the reading pleasure of an audience.

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