Our Innovation

Creative expression is more than courage and inspiration, it requires a sustainable ©Creative Ecosystem

Creative Ecosystem

The ©Creative Ecosystem is a balance of BODY & MIND to harness INSPIRATION for our CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

CREATIVE GROUND Plants grow strong and healthy because of the environment they are in. Similarly, our MIND functions best when our BODY is healthy. Through toning and stretching – we improve balance and flexibility. Adding BREATH and awareness – we can access the Zen Zone – a Theta wavelength – also known as the CREATIVE ZONE.

MINd-SPIRATION In the Zen Zone, the mind is open to possibilities and solutions – INSPIRATION, further enriching the soil and giving rise to new creative expression.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION Creative Writing, Speaking, Storytelling – these are our sprouts with the potential to grow bigger, bear fruits and impact our community; inspiring, motivating and empowering others to nurture and grow their own creative ecosystems. Thereby enriching the collective ecosystem.

One side effect of a thriving creative ecosystem is the development a more divergent brain; whereby one unexpectedly finds simple life solutions to life’s complex matters – i.e. creative problem solving.

WE are dedicated to facilitating and nurturing each ©Creative Ecosystem to its full potential.