Social Impact

To Inspire IS to Be Inspired – Enriching the Collective Ecosystem

All our programs are designed to have an impact on educating both the young and adult minds. Not only is it fun when creative expressions result in interesting blurbs, journals, plays and books; it is equally joyful to distribute these books (especially by children) to inspire more minds of all ages. Through various workshops, book projects to fund humanitarian causes, and community projects – we can uplift, inspire and motivate many more in ways beyond our knowledge. What more when we are able to come together to set up a program that is sustainable to continue fostering creativity through innovative learning programs.

Find out how, through our Cultivating Minds community program. If you are passionate about creating a social and educational impact, then do drop us a line at and let’s get together.

Learning Solutions

New Era New Energy

Our education system is not equipped to sustain our needs to function, grow and thrive in the workplace or even to enjoy a fulfilling social life. The basics of language, math and science does not translate into real world applications, we still find ourselves learning life skills, social skills or communication skills on the fly as we adapt to a fast-paced workflow. Most importantly, our education system does not teach us how to self-regulate through the multitude of emotions and challenges we face through the course of a lifetime. As we experience great shifts in our world, it is becoming increasingly clear that an innovative approach in the way we think, feel and act is the way forward. Creativity and innovation are becoming front and centre across all industries, and it is happening at an ever-increasing rate.


The Freedom to Be Our Best Version

Never once throughout our education were we asked to reflect on who we are. The essence of our self is the very energy that drives our activities, interactions, creations and reactions in the world. From conversations, to thought processes, to actions; our personality drives every moment, every perception, every decision.

It is a true wonder that we have not given this aspect of ourselves the due care and attention it deserves sooner. After all, it only determines our quality of life. Knowing ourselves, our beliefs, values and appreciating our own unique composition gives us the permission we desperately seek from the outside to say, yes, we are enough. We are enough to express ourselves with authenticity. We are enough to showcase our talents fearlessly. We are enough to own our personal worth and appreciate our own personal brand. A personal brand does not need to be attached to a start-up or business venture alone, a personal brand is who we are as an expressive individual – showcasing our best craft and talent to the world as leaders in our own right, creating social impact in the communities around us.